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IRELAND TOUR - Mullingar Fleadh 2023 Dates

It's been a while coming but we think it was worth the wait - our full schedule for Mullingar Fleadh 2023! (more gigs to be announced before and after the big week...)



Kalgoorlie May 2021

@ The Kalgoorlie Hotel

NEW GIG - Ric O'Shea's

Fremantle, April 17

February Midwest Tour

This February we're heading back up the Brand Highway for a great weekend of gigs (click links for more info) - Thursday at The Badgingarra Tavern, Saturday at The Geraldton and Midwest Irish Club (tickets selling fast!), and Sunday afternoon at Southerlys Tavern Port Denison. See you all there!

November Regional Tour 

The L.O.T. - Episode 10

Sunday Favourites - Episode 6

Friday Facebook Frenzy - Ep. 5

More episodes here...

"What's this...?! The Broken Pokers... I thought they were dead..."

Well you'll be glad to know that we're alive and well and have taken the last month to recover, take stock and plan for the future. As you may imagine, this requires begging, borrowing and stealing some new fan-dangled equipment, re-mortgaging the house and reading some very thick operation manuals.

We are committed to getting our music out to whoever wants to hear it, through as many digital platforms as we can, and we're very close to achieving this. In the coming days, we hope to share with you the fruits of our labour and we hope that you will come along with us on our next (imposed) digital adventure.


St. Patrick's Week

March 2020

The picture says it all... Singapore 2020 starts here. Paddy's week, more appearances and details to follow.


February 2020

This Valentine's weekend we are delighted to be heading back down south for three shows in three great venues. The Northcliffe Workers Club, an old favourite of ours, will host us from 8pm on Friday; Saturday we head to The Goose for our Busselton debut right by the historic jetty; shooting up the road on Sunday we land at Bunbury's The Parade Hotel, where we had an absolute barnstormer of a show in December 2019. See you there!

Ireland Tour August 2019

After braving the chill and wet in December we feel we've earned our Irish road wings, and so we head back to the Isle for some delightful summer shows. See above for the shows booked so far and keep an eye on our calendar for updates. See you in 8 weeks Ireland!

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