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  1. Melbourne April 2019 - Sound Serpents and Gig Moths

    15 May 2019
    Jo and Nath - we salute you In our little outfit we have a term to which we refer quite frequently - ‘trauma-dwarfing’. This term can be used in two contexts: to describe the way in which the distress of one event obviates the memory of the last significant trauma,…

  2. Ireland December 2018 - Travel Log Part 2

    07 Mar 2019
    In writing these experiences down for the first part of this journal, and realizing after publishing said dross that there were many noteworthy events that escaped recollection, it has become increasingly apparent why the touring party were in a near constant state of bewilderment and mental exhaustion. The sheer quantity…

  3. lreland December 2018 - Travel Log: Part 1

    10 Jan 2019
    We made it! (to both our destination and then back to our beloved Perth). We’re all stunned and bewildered by the feats and adventures of our Irish jaunt, and so without further ado, here’s the best of them… How Not to Travel If one were preparing to embark on an…

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